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Metallic Twist Ties

They are made from a size range of zinc-galvanized wire, which are rust resistant, and coated with MPET or PET in multitude of colors, sizes and specifications. With metallic, it gives shiny appearance that not only enhances the package value but also decorates as an ornament item to bring up the visual efficacy. The standard width is 4 mm. We also provide custom print for seasonal occasions or company logo. Please click for available colours.


  • Tie the package to enhance its value and to make an elegant and gorgeous appearance (especially in bakery, food, and confectionary)
  • Wrap gifts and goods as dressing up accent
  • Use in gardening or farming for insect repellent
  • Arrange flower bouquet
  • Decorate and secure the plant’s stem (especially in orchid farm)
  • General usage at office and home

Available Package

  • Spool package of 100Y, 20Y, 1000m, or any custom length (with MOQ required)
  • Cut size of 8 cm., or any custom length (with MOQ required)



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